Back to school – what you need to know about doodling now

You've already got your kids back to school a list of topics needed for the new school year. The list of supplies is probably installed on a refrigerator, attached to a mixing table, or given to the compartment. Perhaps you have already taken advantage of all the sales found in the media brochures or even reuse your school technology from last year. However, your son and / or daughter will soon experience the joy of the new school year. I remember what I had when I was planning my school supplies, especially a pencil and picking up new laptops and folders. As a new school expectation, you could even save brown paper bags from the grocery store for a bookshelf.

With that in mind, are you even surprised that your children or books are often written on and covered with small pictures, pictures or dances? In other words, why do we die?

As a former 4xNCAA competitively recognized football manager and now a senior successor mentor and coach; I'll share with you the most powerful principle that I know. Using rapid learning methods based on the latest brain research is extremely powerful in developing important areas that are essential for learning, appealing thinking and performance. The principle that I will soon expect you to strengthen our strength and make a deep relationship long after we have taken an active part in them.

This rule can be used in the classroom, at work or in the boardroom. It's simple enough for a child like yours. Although it is valuable to big companies like Google, General Electric and the United States Navy, who hire a consultant for direct doodle. This rule can be used to make the fastest change of our ability to think something though. Are you ready?

"Writing Is Part of Thought"

Please go 15 seconds, now take your pen and paper and write the following: "Writing is part of the thought" Why is this foundation so powerful? Because when we die our natural thinking thoughts, we are looking for deeper connections. We admit that we are looking for or looking for the answer. You are actively involved in your mind using the most effective and powerful way known today. Writing is the most ingenious and effective method of mobilizing a part of the mind that helps you solve challenges – long after you've been actively involved in them.

I recommend and encourage you to take action on the following:
1. Share this simple yet powerful principle to your son and / or daughter.
2. Get a special special notebook
3. Encourage them to take out their pencil and / or Crayola and play with the truth we think of images.


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