Back to school – Protect your children in emergencies

It's August or September and your kids or grandchildren return to school. They may be down the street at a local school, school, or college a little further away.

Do you want to make sure your children are in an emergency situation if they are not with you. Here are some reminders and tips:

For small children (18 years old)

  1. 1. In addition to your schoolchild, make sure everyone who cares for your children – including grandmothers, babysitting, older siblings, neighbors – has informed contact information, including changes to your cell phone or phone number. And don't forget to update your emergency contact list on your refrigerator or tablet!
  2. Contact your lawyer about the documents you need to make sure that appropriate people in your life have the ability to make decisions about your child (eg in medical emergencies) if you cannot reach or are not in town.
  3. Have your shop assistant sign in to the DocuBank family card, so your child's caregivers (babysitter, grandparents, etc.) and doctors and hospitals can instantly access the information they need to care for your child in an emergency. And you will receive a warning if the card is used.

For infants children (18 years of age and older)

  1. Make sure that your 18-year-old symptoms, at least the health certificate and the HIPAA version, are even at the University. They are now legal and these documents can ensure that the hospital will still provide you with medical information about them in an emergency.
  2. Make sure that these documents are available immediately at the hospital when needed by having your notary registered your child in the DocuBank ICE (Emergency) for college age children. You will receive a warning from DocuBank if your child is being used for an emergency.

These documents and services can greatly affect your child's treatment in an emergency and also the information you can get as a parent if something happens to your child when you are not available.


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