Back in school preparation

It's this time again when you've returned to school at the top of the list. It is in all the minds of both young and old. The summer is over and it's time to get back to school. In summer, everyone tends to be up late at night and sleep a little longer than they should do in the morning but now it's time to get back to that tight schedule.

Below are some suggestions that make it easier for parents and children to get back to school.

· Start by bedtime and stand it a few weeks before school starts.

· Make sure the children get up at the same time as they need when the school starts so that they can take advantage of it.

· Set some time for breakfast and dinner and organize your lunch as soon as the kids will eat at school. This will help to get them on a good eating plan.

· Make a plan of when home work must be done every day. So the kids know that when the school starts, they will have to do their work every night at this time.

· Go shopping for new clothes. Everyone needs a new wardrobe back to school

· Do not forget about the school supplies. Bookcases, paper, pencils and notebooks are all necessary for the first day.

Back in school preparation does not have to be annoying and difficult. The point is to start a few weeks early so you will have time to get everything back on schedule. Knowing that you are ready will also help you less stress when a big day comes.


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