Are the children learning toys?

"You can only play once when you get all your work," a line I hear from parents too often. Preschool kindergarten work allows many parents to teach their children to work at home before they can play. For me this would be sensible if they were at home and it was time to study, but the whole team in the playground is doing another type of learning: Learn through the game!

The thing is, while playing kids learn many important things such as skills and abilities. Every toy your child plays with helps them learn something. Whether it's playing with action figures and dolls (imaginary toys) or playing with friends all this time, they are developing life skills that are important to survive as a person.

Homework is intended to be at the home of a parent. If you send your child to a theater and make them away from home, they lose contact with other kids and then develop the side of their personality. This development cannot happen at home because there is not the same amount of toys or other children to interact with. Home work, on the other hand, can be at home and is actually a convenient environment where it is quieter and there are not as many disturbances. It's also a perfect way for your child to relax after the day.


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