A Review of Kung Fu Schools in China – What to Expect in Kung Fu Study in China

There are more and more Kung Fu schools that open in China as martial arts become more popular. Most of the schools are opened by local people, while some have been opened by Westerners. Some schools are especially open for westerners to learn Kung Fu in China, while others are especially Chinese schools, although most schools are open to teaching foreigners.

All Chinese Kung Fu School

Fewer men choose all Chinese schools, but they will be cheaper and more cost-effective to train, but will bring other challenges. Communication with other students and staff can be difficult, you will want to check whether they will provide a translator or not. Visas can also be a problem if you stay longer than three months. This also depends on your native country – some have longer stays. Living conditions become more and more basic. Don't expect to be spoiled. Some larger schools such as Beijing and Henan provinces usually have a Western visit and train, so it's likely to be your best choice for schools opened to Chinese.

Kung Fu Foreign School

Your best choice will be to choose a school that has been opened especially for the West as this will make it easier to review and investigate where you can communicate with previous students.

The price varies, some schools charge about $ 800 – 1,000 a month, but some may be as cheap as $ 200 a month. In the higher end, you will have meals, rooms, showers, internet, visa and all basic services along with training and teaching. At a cheaper end, you and some other students might be training in the yard with a master.

Other options

Another option is to enroll in college, such as the Beijing Sports University as teachers of Wu Shu, gymnastics, Qigong and Tai Chi.

Going to a park early in the morning, you can find many practice martial arts. Some gentlemen will even teach for free if the student is ready. Some of the best masters are trained in the park every day.

Overall, it depends on what type of experience you want. Cultural differences:

Before you go, it is important to realize that cultural differences are:

Communication more direct, but Chinese are indirect and "beat around the bush ". Often, what is not said is more important than what is said. It depends on the context. If they express disinterest in something, you might want to take it as no. Even when they say yes or accept something, it doesn't always mean yes. Learn to rewrite what they mean. This will come naturally as you communicate more with them.

Shame on Guilt : China is considered a "shame-based community" but the West is a "guilty based community". What this means is putting higher values ​​and worries about saving your face and avoiding common troubles, but Westerners are more concerned about what's right and wrong. It is better to publicly praise someone and be less direct in your relationship if you think they are wrong.

Traditional Kung Fu Culture : Traditionally, masters will only open up and share their secrets with students after they have given themselves after training hard for many years. For some masters today, this is still true, though it is becoming a flexible presenter depending on who you are learning from and their background. Masters who have learned formally at the university will be more open to sharing knowledge and traditional places such as Wu Dang Mountain, are very secretive about how they train and what they teach.

Preparing Before You Go

Before you leave and spend hard earned money. Investigate the country, learn some of their culture and what areas you want to enjoy the most. Read past students reviews email them, read the discussion group and books to get well-rounded knowledge. Prepare your research in advance to make it one of the best experiences you've had or worst.


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