6 ways to add special education to all children with special needs!

Are you a parent of a child with autism or other disabilities who are frustrated by the special education system? More than 6 million students with disabilities receive special education in special education programs. This is about 9% of the age group in the country. This is a lot of children who attack individuals with a disability school (IDEA) to help them get the services they need to live a fulfilled life. As all parents with disabilities know a lot, it is necessary to add the special education system. This article will cover 6 ways to improve the special education system.

Need to improve the special education system:

1. More available parental training and more resources to pay for the training! Parental training is available but in most cases it costs some parents to attend. Parents must understand their rights according to IDEA to be effective advocates of their children.

2. Effective enforcement of IDEA, to include cash equivalents from states and schools, which are constantly incompatible! The fullest IDEA is basically not available. It is the federal states that are responsible for enforcing IDEA to the states and it is the state that undertakes to enforce IDEA local schools. Neither one does very much in this area. Enforcement without capital payments will not work. In my opinion, it will not take many states to lose IDEA funding before major positive changes occur.

3. Upgrade diagnosis of disability and easier immigration process! Many disabled children in the United States are said to have no disability and are therefore not eligible for special education. This reality hurts children with disabilities and can spend eternally their lives! Parents often do not even know they can disagree with the school opinion! The skill test has to be more naive!

4. Experts need to put realistic high expectations for all children with disabilities! The parliament has said from the outset that the school environment for children with disabilities is too low. School workers and parents must believe that children can be successful in education and life, if they receive appropriate education and keep expectations high.

5. Focus on the results of special education so that all children get ready for study in an independent and independent life! For 2005-2006 55% of children with disabilities were graduated from high school, compared with over 70% of children without disabilities graduated from high school. This will limit the ability of children to attend a university or get a job that will affect the rest of their lives!

6. Improve federal funding IDEA! The current plan is that the federal states only pay about 17% of the cost of a cup for special education. The Federal Republic needs to put its money where the mouth is and fully fund the IDEA!

All parents can participate in commenting on general reforms in special education. Report a state and federal representative and see how they are willing to participate in this process. Children with disabilities deserve proper education and live their lives in full!


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