5 tips to help you survive and get through a nursing school

You passed through the assumptions, the application process and have been approved in a nursing program. Congratulations !! But just so you know it's just the beginning of another long journey filled with pain and struggle. To help you live here are 5 commands that could help you along the way.

1. Be prepared to spend a lot of time learning.

There is a policy out there saying that nursing is easy. This rumor has probably been distributed by people who actually never set foot in a registered nursing program. In fact, you must spend a lot of time examining books, studying for tests, writing essays, care plans, or clinical trials. You have to cut down a harsh social time if you want to succeed in nursing.

2. Stay away from the drama.

Nurse is already stressful enough academic that there is really no need to add more stress to classmates. Many women live together to a very "dramatic" environment. I've seen people drop out of nursing school because they could not handle other students. This is said, not necessarily to isolate you. Most of the relationships made in nursing the last 5 minutes past the clergy. However, you may also find life-long friends so be open to friendship because your classmates are the only ones who know what you're going through. Now just remembering that social life is by no means the primary purpose of coming to school every day. Just keep in mind that nursing is a place to study.

3. Get enough sleep.

Staying late one night will destroy the next day in class or clinical. You may need to drink a lot of coffee or some energy pressure, but just know that fat adds up and soon you have to turn into zombies in scrubs.

4. Know when to refresh your mind.

You will be very busy as is given. But you must also balance it out with fun time. You do not have to be miserable to succeed; you just have to learn how to optimize your time between study and increased activity. It will only make you a better student.

5. Last sprint will not work.

Do you want to eat a day as much as you usually eat a week? Nothing in their proper mind would do it and if they would be in trouble. The same goes for maintaining knowledge. Learning on a regular basis will be much easier and more effective for a long time. You may need to get away with it a few times, but make sure it will harm you when the material gets up.

Finally, learn that a bad class is not the end of the world. Whether bad for you is B or D is that you will get one of these classes sometime while nursing. It may also happen that you do not end up in class and have to take it back. It may even happen that unfortunately you lose nursing and are kicked out. Then you will hear what knows-it-all kinds of people serve them "maybe you did not cut for it" kind of talking. If such, true people who failed the driving test were considered to be "not driving" and being sentenced to ride a bike or bus until they die. But fortunately, people reflect it as often as it takes until they take place and become as good drivers as those who first went on. Nursing school is the same way if you want it so bad, keep testing more difficult until you succeed because you can do it. And do not let anyone tell you anything else.


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