5 Leading Online Schools

The internet has revolutionized many parts of the economy. You can shop, meet people online and now you can take college courses for credit. Five schools affect "distance learning" like no one else ahead of them. Let's look at the online service companies offered by these leading schools.

University of Phoenix was among the first recognized universities to provide university education through the internet. Founded in 1976, the university started offering online programs in 1989. The program has grown since 150,000 students are working on bachelor, master's and doctoral degrees at any given time. Courses in technology, business, education, nursing and management are available and the University of Phoenix has now become the largest private college in the United States.

DeVry University offers a business and technical exam on undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In addition, the school offers a graduate diploma. With its headquarters in Illinois, the school allows students to work in their degree online, on-site or on both. Indeed, campuses can be found in 21 states as well as in Alberta, Canada.

Westwood College follows its roots in Denver, Colorado, where it was founded in 1953 as the Denver Institute of Technology. Fifteen campuses in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois and Texas combine the physical campus with the internet open the school to students around the world. Westwood offers programs in Aviation, Business, Criminal Justice, Design, Technology, Health Sciences and Industrial Sciences.

Kaplan University is wholly owned by the Washington Post Company, a leading newspaper in Washington, The Washington Post. Kaplan offers degrees in art and scientific research, business, crime, education, technology and design, nursing and health care, legal science and budget. The school offers students degrees of affiliates, bachelor and master's degrees and certificates for specific programs.

Walden University, 19459004, was founded in Naples in Florida in 1970, which would offer a way to work adults for doctoral studies. Masters and doctoral studies. The University is now headquartered in Minneapolis and offers five different schools: Higher Education, Higher Education, Health and Human Services, Faculty of Psychology, and Faculty of Engineering at the University of Iceland.

Online education is not for everyone, and therefore the first three universities provide students with the opportunity to study in the campus, while the last two are strictly internet-based. However, all five schools offer students something traditional programs do not have: the opportunity to pursue a degree in line with a student determines and places [your computer] that is attractive to many. Undoubtedly, online education has emerged as a viable option for a degree that seeks students worldwide.

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