5 great games to teach your children the books of the Bible

I believe that one of the main goals of every Sunday school teacher should be that their teaching teaches all the books of the Bible by heart. If we want our children to become the school of God's word, then they need to know where each book is and have an idea of ​​the main characters. Here are 5 fun games that you can play to get your kids on the road to know better the greatest book of all time.

To play:

You must create a collection of "Bible Books". You can easily do this on your computer with colorful graphics or you can simply print the names of all the Bible in several indices. Some of the games use points. So on the back of the cards, at random, you will want to print point values ​​of 100 to 500. The kids are very like listening to the teams. Finally, I suggest you layer all the cards in the long run.

5 Great Games

1. OT / NT Sort – Just get 2 boxes and mark one "Old Testament" and the other "New Testament". Take 10 or so of the Bible books and set the time for 30 seconds. When you say "Go", give your child the opportunity to arrange the cards correctly in the appropriate boxes. For each one he became right, ascended points for his team. As kids learn your books better, you have to be able to give them more cards to sort.

2. Order Up! – Walk to the bar and some clothes. Give the child a set of Bible books that you would like him to put in order. You may want to limit it to 5 cards at first, until he learns to know the Bible. For this game, the points are only listed on the cards that were split. The team with the smallest points wins. You might want to set deadlines for this game too.

3. Grab and find – Grab a bucket and insert a Bible book. Keep a child up and take out a card. Give him 15 seconds to find the book in the Bible. If he succeeds, he gets points on the card for his team.

4. Name character – This is played like 3 above but instead of finding the book in the Bible, the child must say one main character in the book he chose.

5. Guess the book – Put out 5 Bible books on the table. Read Bible verses from one book and give your child the opportunity to guess which book on the table she is coming from. Indicate the points on the back of the card if the checker was correct. Continue reading the verse for the other cards until 2 remain. Post out more cards to make it more difficult.

If points are involved in a game, I usually have a child from class and look forward to being my supervisor. Have fun!


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