Ukrainian lifestyle

Talking about modern Ukrainian customs and traditions is necessary to emphasize that Ukrainians are proud of colorful cultures. They love good food and drink and enjoy life.

Most Ukrainian middle classes and lower city groups live in an apartment in multi-family houses; Only quite rich people can afford to build cottages in or outside the city.

Ukrainians have a deep love for the country. Many families have a small country house, called "dacha". They can grow just about anything in their beautiful gardens, seeds and farms. Some grow only food for their own consumption. They spend time interpreting vegetables and making compote from various fruits during the summer to make it through the long cold winter. They always have something in their homes to serve guests.

The modern average Ukrainian family has two parents and usually one or two children. At the same time, the growing number of single parents is usually a woman who returns children. As in many other countries, some young people are unmarried who live together and share homes. Bringing a child in Ukraine is very expensive now; Therefore, many couples decided to have only one child, or even no children. Children have a tendency to live there parents long after they finish school. Sometimes children need to trust their parents in financial matters where youth unemployment is very high. Newborn couples often live with their parents because they have no money to buy or rent a house or apartment on their own. Often one or both grandfathers live together with their children, and take care of little children. Grandparents play a major role in raising children in Ukraine.

In the village, families are usually bigger and the whole family works on the farm (or patch they own) together. Most parents living in the country want their children to get more education so that they send them to study in big cities. After 5 years of study, children will get used to the life of the city and rarely go home.

In their struggle to survive, humans become less dependent on each other within families. But parents still think it's important to teach their children daily skills and fundamental values ​​of life. The result of a repeated national survey showed that the most important values ​​parents want to teach their children are honesty, common sense, purposelessness, responsibility, good humanity, and obedience to parents. Adults believe that children should have expected them to be successful.

Like most others, like Ukrainians like festivals and joy. They usually try to cook many good dishes and offer a lot of friends and relatives to their place. Another thing that Ukrainians love to do is talk (while strolling, in cafes and restaurants, or at home over a cup of tea or coffee or other drinks). The conversation tends to be light, relaxing, humorous and sometimes philosophical. Many Ukrainians enjoy picnics in the woods or somewhere water at almost any time of year. Picnics often include shashlik or barbequed meat, homemade salads and sometimes alcohol. Ukrainians love to sit around to cook at night and snack, drink and sing songs on the guitar.

Popular sports in Ukraine include football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis and hiking (walking in the woods). Gym clubs have been featured everywhere. Yoga and martial arts are also popular. Mountaineering and rock climbing can be found. Diving, cruise and even golf has recently become available. Increasingly popular in Ukraine are all types of high sports (mountain biking, rafting, mountain biking, play club etc.). And, generally, all types of active recreation (hiking, biking, boating, horse riding, skiing, etc.).

Not everyone will do what we have described above. Some Ukrainians culture will beat you as incomprehensible and intolerable, while others' Behavior and attitude will seem sensible and compatible with your own.


Skype VS Travel: What's right for your group?

If you could take time to sit at busy intersections in your town or from the ramp from the highway, you could see many different buses that make the traffic. There will be some clever, gorgeous travel cars that fly happy down the highway and you'll wonder what it's gonna happen at once.

You will also see dirty yellow school trips that bounce down the highway or through the intersection. You can see hands wandering inside the windows and it could take you back to when you were a child sitting in one of these seats.

Then you could see something related to the characteristics of the school string with the features of the tourism industry: school buses designed for business and adult riding. These buses are a bit like sightseeing as they are rented out by groups of all variety in group tours. Yet they are not nearly as luxurious as most of the travel cars because they are modeled after a modest schoolbooth.

Most people will not be bright yellow. These buses may have a basic design and a school bus design, but they are usually painted white or other simple colors to dismantle the yellow buses leaving the children home after noon.

Difference to consider

The biggest difference that can be taken between the bus bus rental and travel bus rental is the price. Tours buses can be very fancy and have more decorative designs. They may have features that you will not get with a school bus, such as a bathroom and a small kitchen area built directly into the bus.

These more complicated trips are usually rented for longer trips. The school council is usually rented for shorter trips.

School cars can also have more sizes than travel. You can get short buses designed to carry less than 15 people or larger buses that can have 30 people. Touring tends to be larger so you will not have the opportunity to adjust costs by choosing smaller buses.

There is a huge cost that accompanies school car rental. You can get the size you need at a good price rather than rent a bigger bus that will be half empty if you go with a smaller group.

Style seats can also be different, but school boards are not expected to have an uncomfortable seat. Many ski style rentals are not designed for children, so they have a comfortable seat for people of all ages. They just may not have as much pad as you could with a cleaner travel.

Your decision

Consider all the following to determine if the bus or school service would suit your trip:

• How many travelers travel with you?
• How much can you invest in transportation for this trip?
• What is the total distance traveled?

The number of people traveling with you is always the first concern, but the price comes immediately. You need enough space to meet everyone who is traveling, but you do not want to pay for more seats than you really have to use.

In general, school cars are rented out for short or local trips, but the trips are more convenient for long trips.


Masquerade masks for your formal schooling

Prom is short for the word. It was used especially in North America for the elderly last year at school where they have a ball or dance. It's usually a black tie and sometimes there are themes that are chosen to make it a little exciting and unique. It will always be a special event, but it can be a bit boring to just go in a beautiful dress or handsome suit. Fun dress up ends when you are ready and are entering the forum.

This is where the masquerade comes into play. With this theme, your very special final element, it's fun to do not dress when you're ready. You have something else to look forward to. To see what everyone is struggling and what everyone looks like when they are looking for their best, something is something exciting and special to happen. This is because having a masquerade theme for your prom means that everything becomes a bit more mysterious and enthralling. This can last all night not just the first ten minutes.

Having masquerade as your theme means that everyone has to face a mask. They should wear it that night so that all special people who go to their final can continue to guess who is who. You never know who could be kidding mistakes or dancing with someone they always wanted but never had a chance before. There are many reasons to have a little mystery for the last and biggest events in your school life. There is no other theme that has the same kind and mystery that masquerade one.

If you want to make your last night anymore, you are fun and do that theme. If you just love to dress up but still have to complete all the decisions and other people who are not used to change them, they will be sure to agree to it. It is most likely to get through and accept than anything else. It's making fun from getting ready and coming through the night until who knows when and where. Enjoy yourself is what it's all about.


How to choose a net school

The discussion about the choice of online school is the same, whether it is getting a college or university. The only difference is that four types of virtual high schools choose from – private, public, organizational and university areas – and it is possible that geography will be an element (for example, planning schools are only available to students living in a particular area). Knowledge of these types can help parents and students in their decision.

The first is to assess whether the school offers or specializes in the study that the student wants to pursue. For example, it may be better to get a nursing school from a specialist in medicine. Also, some schools offer only certificates, not a diploma.

The program meets the requirements, but are the schools properly recognized? The accreditation should include monitoring of accredited units and not just permission to work. This ensures that parents and students will not spend money, time and capital on a diploma or improper action.

Having found an online school with the right programs and proper accreditation is time to look at prices. Regardless of instruction, there are hidden costs; technology fees, graduation fees, etc. It's also a good idea to ask if there is a discount, grant or financial support available.

Learning the curriculum and learning about monetary policy in the school can reduce costs and the time it takes to earn a diploma. Some schools allow students to drop courses already taken in another institution. Others offer credit for real professional experience.

Knowing how classes are made will also help decision making, as the process should fit the student's learning style and schedule. Components such as the proportion of teachers to students, study programs and support for student struggles should be considered. It also pays to ask about online teachers' skills, as well as the opportunity to attend presentation hours.

Next, see the history of the school. The longer the school has been in business, the better. Regardless of the number of students currently registered or the number of graduates, parents and students should also try to find out about the quality of the graduates that the school has produced. For example, how many students from a virtual high school went to college? What is the allocation rate?

Finally, parents and students can get additional feedback from current and previous students and departments. Other sources are online discussion groups and blogs in online schools. It is important to take time and contribute to get acquainted with some prospective schools before making a decision instead of settling in the first school that seems to meet all the requirements.


The hills of mainstream schools

Any parent or teacher knows that the classmates and their schools are a big part. Government standards for education, no child behind the power of attorney and independent websites have all their way to assess national and children. There are some valid reasons for this. The schools in our country are in a sad and forgiven form. Economic status has a greater impact on the future of a child than any other factor. Thus, public positions in schools have emerged as part of a general attempt to identify missing schools and help them improve.

Why are so many teachers and parents in the arms of testing? There are many reasons.

Testimonials and Public Schools

Hygiene tests and highly public schooling have always been a controversial topic. Defendants argue that it is the only way to keep schools responsible; and they say that students who fail do it because they are just not willing to pass. Opponents of a test based on public schools say that loses the issue completely. If many students are not ready to pass because their poor education schools do not give them the skills they need. And they argue that the rankings of this school in bad light, which makes the situation worse. When fewer children choose to attend poor schools, the schools lose money based on the funding of the puppies. So what's the real deal?

Having taught in an inner city for many years, the truth is not something that someone really wants to hear. Public schooling gives parents the basis for assessing children's school children and making informed decisions about moving. Politicians also love public school positions for public interest because they can make the numbers fit their story. But no public places in schools can be said of the whole story of education in the inner city.

The sad truth is that money buys education in many ways. Parents forced to work for two jobs have much less time and energy to protect their children's schools. The kids whose parents are in and out of prison, drug or living in dangerous housing projects usually have other concerns about universities. And the best teachers often choose not to teach in the poorest schools because it's dangerous, stocks are scarce, parenting is minimal and schools often lack leadership and vision. Public schooling is often right on target in this situation.

Since general schooling falls short

Here's what they miss. Public schooling is significantly heavier in demographics and standardized tests. Standardized tests are one small part of the overall picture of successful school and student. A school that does a great job that teaches students with SEN or English language teachers will have a worse exam than a school with a small number of these groups. Public schooling also fails to mark current progress, improvements and initiatives in schools. Changes in the leadership of the school can also have a major impact on public schooling.

While we should not throw public school levels out of the window, nobody should trust them 100%. We need a new publicity of what good education is and what it should look like in Iceland. When it finally reaches public school status for the k-12 general interests, the balance becomes part of a completely different conversation.


The Real Estate mom back to school manual

As long as a lazy open-ended lunch finishes, real estate agencies complete this nation's birth routine in their families. In order to prepare for this event, you have created your children & # 39; closets, had tried their shoes, collected the supplies that a new teacher needed and received the journal at school. How can you as a real estate agent and mom go off on your right foot during this school year?

There is no doubt that you need to do a little extra time in the first few weeks to get everything right in the right direction. Here's a quick back in a textbook that helps you keep the focus on your business while helping your children succeed in the school year.

Program of Peace of Mind

One of the most important factors in achieving all your goals as a real estate agent is planning and timing. This also breaks into the "mom" of your life. It is important to know how to mix both the business and personal life of your life. For example, your calendar, such as Top Producer or any other contact database software, is the key to use in organizing your business. Not only should you use it to organize your client meetings, but you must also use it to organize important events for your child, such as parents / teacher meetings, reasons and recordings from school.

When you keep your family and working conditions, you will be surprised to organize a meeting with clients, about the child's school activities and the other way around. With colors that match all realtors and appointments on the same calendar, you can easily see where your focus is on a daily basis. By synchronizing your Top Producer with your Treo, you will have all your orders, work and personal, with you wherever you go.

Plan for Home Success

Next, use the Top Producer system to keep you organized. Take a few minutes to record the teacher's contact information. Most real estate agents would not go home or in the office without having all the information of the client in hand and it is important that all the necessary information for your schoolchildren is also on your electronic calendar. Have a phone number and any direct teacher who's numbers, email addresses and information you need.

Establishment as a Real Estate Moment

One of the most important times for establishing family history is during the first weeks of the school. Set up like after school with homework, talk and chores. My daughter has her "Daily Five" that she has to do daily after school that contains homework, clean her room, clean her bathroom, unplug the dishwasher and feed the dog. When the foundation of this time is set and becomes a habit for your child, you can focus on working as a real estate agent with a minimum amount of time after the "Daily Five". Getting them a habit will also create a lasting habit for your children

Your job and your clients can be challenging. It does not have to stop you from being a good parent and getting your home in order. Take the time to plan each of these aspects of your life, by being a real estate agent and being a mom. Plan, plan and plan your schedule by doing what is found here. A little extra effort now will help to create a great school year for your child, yourself and your business.


What girl needs to do to be ready for basketball at high school – interview with Renard Beavers

Renard Beavers, El Camino Real assistant girls basketball coaches and head basketball coach for basketball coach Threat Basketball teachers of all ages, skills in need of middle school, college and college in basketball. Threat is a tourist who offers training in all traffic. At El Camino, Renard has a key role in continuing to keep the pace of the game at a fast pace and prepping players to watch for college scholarship.

Lisa: Hi, Renard! This is Lisa Williams with local online visibility. How are you?
Renard: I'm great! How are you?

Lisa: I'm fine, thanks! Today's interview is with Renard Beavers, Varsity Assistant Girls basketball coach for El Camino High School in Woodland Hills and Head Basketball Coach for the Threat Basketball Girl's Tourism. We will go straight to the questions today.

When we look around, more girls than ever play basketball. What is the level of commitment with so many girls playing basketball today?

Renard: Well, I think the level of commitment is indeed growing. It's quite high. There are plenty of rec. rasta and travel, and there are plenty of schools that have teams, so it will be big. Basketball at universities has helped to make the girl more interested in playing basketball and WNBA.

Lisa: I know at the Pop Warner stage and certainly in high school, boys are very competitive and try to get a sports responsibility. Are girls as competitive at these levels?

Renard: They are not at the level of boys yet, but it's actually getting there.

Lisa: And what are you?

Renard: I think information is the key. There is so much more access to information. ESPN is bigger now. The internet is bigger now, so when you see these stories or heard of other female athletes who have got a basketball guarantee, it goes from myth to reality. It was a myth fifteen years ago, but now it's a reality. Someone you know may know someone who is a girl and got a basketball scholarship now.

Renard: Before it was unreachable or seems unobtainable just a few years back to gain strength.

Lisa: Yes, it's much more accessible now. I read it with your Threat Basketball program, the goal is to get the girls ready for high school. What do you think girls do not want to play at Varsity at high school?

Renard: I think the biggest part is Basketball IQ and Judgment, which is pretty much the same. The other was to get acquainted with the speed of the game.

Lisa: Can you implement basketball IQ?

Renard: Yes, where so many girls are playing now, it also means a lot of training. A lot of girls today can shoot, dribble, go and play defense. They know about basketball with exercises and defense and many individual aspects of the game, but the game's strategy is often overlooked. Good and bad about basketball is that you can play a basketball game and as long as everyone is running back and forth and no one is double dribbling or traveling, it seems like a successful game, but it's a lot more strategy involved in cutting, when to cut when to open, when to protect, when to protect. I think a lot of younger players are not taught in the program as much as the ability of the game.

Lisa: How do you teach IQ basketballs?

Renard: It's one of the most difficult things we teach, but what I'm trying to do is have a bit of practice as we walk through many circumstances and I explain it. There is one way. However, there is a film. Nowadays it's so easy to get movies and movies. It gives a visual tool about what they are doing right and wrong. From coach to coach, it's easy to talk about the game but when you're talking to the midfielder about basketball, you have to remember that they could not see everything so that the movie is good, and taking time to go through the stuff is good too.

Lisa: Apparently girls are not starting to work on these talks past middle school instead of elementary school and boys are working on these skills in elementary school so what do we do?

Renard: Yes, I think there are two things. It's one of those boys, too, usually starts before, but on the other hand, there's a guy with more ways to play when he's out of control. For example, in elementary schools or in the middle, there are generally more boys playing the ball at noon. Or you can go to the park and find a game and there are a lot of boys games than girls, there are not as many games. It's hard to find a game where you can go to the park and there are ten girls playing basketball.

Lisa: Good team. Of course, they could always play with the boys, but I think it's not as much at lunch and in the yard. I think it's not like the attractive girls, only girls.

Renard: There will always be some who want to play, but the proportion of girls who are dedicated basketball players to the amount of playable with boys is the ratio. There are a lot of girls who are just not getting in these games. There are lots of guys who are not really offering them too. The boys must be more open to let the girls play with them too.

Lisa: Talking about resources is now many more resources, travel and so available say ten years ago. What can girls do to improve in the off-season?
Renard: I would say another important thing to do for a girl to watch games without being a fan. Analyze games on the TV, whether it's college basketball or professional basketball. Do not just watch the ball when you watch TV. Watch the defense. Try to recognize which defenses are in progress. Try to acknowledge what the offensive team is driving. Personally watch certain players who do not have the ball and imitate what they are doing and pay attention to what they are doing right. I would say watching games with a better basketball bag. And other things they can do is exercises and skills. The best players, they go out and shoot obstacles in the yard. They do not just play when they are practicing.

Lisa: That's good. Whether it means they are out there dribbling or whatever. Develop their talents.

Renard: Yes. One about girls & # 39; basketball, if you can do something well, you get a bit far and you can work on the rest as you go, but learn to do one thing, whether it's shooting, going, dribbling or defending.

Lisa: And that leads me to my last question, what suggestions would you recommend to the parents of girls who play basketball and the girls themselves?

Renard: For parents and girls I would say asking questions. Sometimes, as a parent, it can be difficult because it's a natural factor in being a bit biased to maybe your daughter or daughter of your team, but the more you can ask questions and find out what's out there, the better as the point of view You get and honesty is the key for parents. Also support your daughter more than your daughter's coach. Some parents want a coach but sometimes they just need to support and let the children figure it out because they are just children and it takes time to learn. For the kids, try to get into situations where you are not the best in the team, do not be afraid because you can launch many players just by dedication.

Lisa: Great advice! Well Renard, thank you for your time and luck in the coming season!

Renard: Thank you very much! Thank you for taking time to identify girls and # 39; basketball!

Lisa: We look forward to focusing on local businesses and people who are important in society.


Vocational Education at Universities

Education is the most important requirement for an individual to succeed in life. Schools provide education to students and train them for future jobs. Choosing the right career is a very important decision. However, many students can not decide or choose the appropriate field for success. Students can ask for effective counseling on internship from counselors of various career conferences or programs. Students can also cope with their friends and family members who can determine their talents and interests in different areas.

Students who have completed high school can seek guidance from professional counselors at a professional conference. Here students receive information about the current and most favorable areas that can be pursued.

Vocational education involves analysis of students' ability, interests and basic knowledge by asking a few questions. These factors reflect the career that suits their abilities. They introduce various career options and learn skills and education required in fields such as culinary, dental, heating, air conditioning and cooling, plumbing, hotel and restaurant management and real estate. Vocational education helps students choose relevant areas that boast their interests. Students are also hired on different budgets that can help to fund their education.

Vocational Education Teachers help students to increase their market value in a particular field. They specify appropriate programs that prepare people for favorable jobs. There are many programs that help to assess the interests, behaviors and skills of students. There are many websites of internship that guide students to prepare for their favorite jobs.


Deep Cleaning in your home for school season

The actual starting date for school is different across the country, but this is the season when school preparation and planning is under way; and deep cleaning – especially in children's rooms – can be important for a neat organization for the next school year. Here are five tips for doing a lot of cleaning work seem easier.

Easy Workforce

You may need to break this into several different meetings, but take your child into a deep cleaning process. It will give you both the opportunity to remind the summer while dealing with a project, or talk about potential rebuilding options for your room, such as a new metal bowl or new accounting.

Measures for a match

It's likely that the teenager grew like weeds over the summer and you have not really noticed how much he has been wearing shorts or swimsuit this summer. Drain the closet of all clothes, take an hour or two (he probably will not tolerate much more) and have a quick attempt to see what is still appropriate. Arrange their clothes in adjustable pile and growth, which will probably lead to more space on the closet! The outgrown pile can be performed on a younger sibling or give for charity; There is always a need for wearing clothes.

Sort Out Undesirables

Depending on your child's age, there may be something that leaks and involves in your room that you do not want to stay there for long periods. Consider a newly discovered bug collection, pet frog he has left away, or shiny stones saved from the pond (complete with the pond). Now it would be good for him to learn how to replace correctly and store a bug permit, kiss the frog or invest in an aquarium and give the stones a bath! Disinfection involving these treasures could be advisable!

Get Some Organizations Going

Changing the seasons and new levels in schools re-arrange to keep everything organized so that your homework is not lost, stores are stored properly where needed and the area of ​​the rooms is set up for functional ease. If there is a research area, try some new offices. Hang some closets on the wardrobe for small things that fall down or kick around and could get some plastic boxes that look great when assembled.

Clear deep to start again

Finally, check out the walls, windows, curtains and especially the blanket. A perfect and profound purity will give the room a new feeling, which will help in strength when these even homework starts! Break the bed and the vacuum mattress carefully to eliminate potential dust mites, bed bugs or dry skin.

As much dirt is deep inside the carpet, call a professional carpet cleaner to clean a carpet that is free from allergy, bacteria and dirt from the carpet. And if you do not want to deal with the window wash or the wall cleaner, add it to the carpet cleaner to make your life easier!


How to prepare for college in high school – are you doing it wrong?

Many students across the country and parents are unaware of how to prepare for college in high school. Whether it is the choice of courses, classes, examinations or participation in foreign trade, all you do in these 4 years affects your future as it relates to universities.

Many families are really despised and given outdated information about which colleges are looking for prospective students. Captures are constantly changing, so each year should be treated differently depending on the school or schools you are looking for.

Let's consider some of the most important factors to help you prepare for college in high school.

Grades and Tests

The first and most obvious feature is your grade and test scores. In particular, they will look at your rating (or GPA), Class Rank, and ACT / SAT test scores.

A combination of these three factors is usually used by university graduates to determine whether you have fulfilled academic admission requirements. If you're at the border, they'll look further into your background to see if anything else they need to consider before accepting or condemning you. But what are these "other" factors?

Additional Inclusion

Yes. In addition to your scholarship and classroom offerings, universities will participate in clubs, activities and / or sports. This shows that you are a well-rounded student who is ready and able to take on more than just schoolwork. You also show your time management skills by joining clubs or sports and universities love this class of students!

As an insider tip: If you are trying to help you join a member, make sure you have some sort of leadership role in that activity. While college participation in participation, do they really look for leaders and what better way to show them than by being a president, vice president or finance minister in the company?

Coursework High School

Unlike levels and tests, classes in elementary schools are basically the level of class lessons you have taken in high school. For example, did you sign up for a normal, college preparation time when you have a talent or a high level (AP)?

Secondary schools look for students who encourage courses in upper secondary schools, especially in elite and highly specialized schools! If you are able to reach A and B in regular classes, then this is great! But university counselors want more results, so be sure to ask you for your course.

Words to the Wise: Do not bite more than you can chew with honors and AP courses. Universities like these, but they should rather see C on your copy. Make sure you know exactly what you get in if you choose the university course.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when he's talking about how to prepare for college in high school. Hopefully, this information has given you some basic information to get you on the right path to college!