www.huffingtonpos … This entry will first and foremost provide fun and simple exercises …

www.huffingtonpos … This entry will first and foremost provide fun and simple exercises that you can practice with your family. One goal of these exercises is to train your mind to concentrate on the current experience. Try them in the morning, for the bed or at my favorite place / time: the dinner table just before you eat. #dressing #mindfulness #meditation #stress #breathing #parenting

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How to choose a course in Sunday school

The foundation for evaluating the course at Sunday School is your assessment. You, the electoral committee and the leadership of your church need to set the criteria for selecting the best course in Sunday school for the program. Create a menu that helps you compare your options. With a proper estimate, once you have chosen your winner, you can explain the choice automatically to all who need to know.

Prepare a Diagnosis Diagram

Evaluation is a tool to help you monitor and compare the characteristics of different curricula you are considering. However, before you can design one, you need to determine both your goals and your constraints.

To identify your goals, start by answering this question: What effect would you have had in the life of your students by the end of the year? Keep this in mind:

  • ] Consider your learning goals. If it's important for your church that children learn a lot of Bible material in a particular year, then a curriculum that increases a few weeks will examine each of the Bible stories in detail being bad.
  • Think about physical space. How many bedrooms do you have? How big are they? If you have limited space, you'll need content that requires some "& # 39; in each bedroom may not be appropriate.
  • Consider your staff, how many teachers and assistants will you have?
  • Consider the budget. How much money can you really spend for study material?

Next, identify important curricula for the program. Here are some questions you might want to include in the Sunday School Curriculum.


  • Is this a course
  • What is a Theological Testimony?
  • Is the Bible Material and the Art Faithful and According to the Scripture?
  • What is the balance between the Old and the New Testament?
  • Are these curricula based on ?
  • Is this inclusive education when it comes to races, economic situation, sex and disability?
  • Is the lesson practical?

Physical content – What is actually included in the price of this course in Sunday school?

  • Teaching instructions?
  • Lesson plans?
  • Activities?
  • Music Sheets?
  • Crafts?
  • Bags, CDs or Videos?
  • Less work?
  • Games?
  • Take your study material at home?


  • Is this Sunday school course relevant to the age group you must teach?
  • Is it attractive?
  • How effective are the materials? Will the kids learn what is introduced?

If you have a small church please consider:

  • Are the games denied to more than 10 children?
  • Does craftsmanship or workforce need help?
  • What about expensive stuff?
  • Will the teaching work with groups?

Teacher Resources

  • Is this Sunday School curriculum teacher-friendly?
  • For both new and experienced teachers?
  • How much is it necessary to prepare teachers?

Parental Participation

  • Is the course in Sunday school designed to encourage parents to participate in the child's mental development?
  • Are you going home? materials that parents should use together as a family, to strengthen a lesson?


  • Can this course in Sunday school be used more than once?
  • What is the physical quality of the product? Will content last for as long as you need them?
  • How is the price compared to other courses in Sunday school?
  • When you estimate the cost, remember an item of the content that's included plus an additional cost if you're more likely to buy it.

You can add other questions related to your condition or condemnation. What matters is having a framework to work with.

Add weight to the assessment report

Once you have listed all the factors (questions) you need to determine the relative importance of each, with a scale of 1-5. For example, for the question, & # 39; Are you there & # 39; do you use materials that parents should use as a family, to strengthen a lesson? & # 39; yes the answer could be five points worth, but no would get zero points. (In these examples, the more points, the better curriculum.) You could do it on the other side if you wanted.

For example, as a cost, you would allocate both weight and level. For example, if your Sunday School fee is generous, you might be assigned a weight of three. You might pay like this if you never pay more than $ 26 per student per year: [0 – $ 3.99] => three, [$ 4 – 12.99] => two, [$ 13 – $ 25.99] => one and [$ 26 and above] => zero.


Guide A:

Lectionary Builder: Yes (5 points), Take Home Content: Yes (3 points) and Cost: $ 10 per student (4 times 3 = 12 points): Total: 20 points

Curriculum B:

Lectionary Builder: No (0 points), Take Home Content: No (0 points), and Cost: $ 2.50 per student (5 times 3 = 15 points) : Total: 15 points

Although Curriculum B is much cheaper than Curriculum A, Curriculum A scored higher. Curriculum A can be chosen with confidence.

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Día 5: una señal. Día lindo 🐭
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Home Care for Success in the School Year

Now that most students have been in school for a few weeks, the challenge of completing home work can begin. Many students struggle to finish their homework every night in a timely, accurate, productive manner without being frustrated. There are a few methods a student can take to minimize homework every night.

First, a student must have a homework plan or plan. A student must take into account several factors and changes. The first one is after school and sports. Make a schedule of days and time of all commitments. Then calculate what time and how long you need to complete your homework. Once the program is determined, an action plan will be included. I recommend having a healthy snack before you finish your homework especially if you have to work immediately after school. Breakage should take often to keep your mind sharp and bored at bay. A good learning area without interruption is important. The student should have a quiet area, with enough space for desks and appropriate school equipment to be impressive.

Next, the student should decide which order the homework should be done. There are many different ways to follow, but the best thing I've seen is to complete home work from the hardest and easiest. What content is most difficult for the student, this homework should be completed first. You also need to complete projects that take place the next day before taking a long-term project. If a student has 20 math tests to finish the class next day and a thesis to write in English next week, then the math homework should be completed first. Then the student should work for 20-30 minutes on the essay every night so that the night before that is due, he will not waste time completing the project.

The next question is usually, how long should a student spend the time doing his homework. Of course, this depends on the student's grade. Here are some instructions to follow:

1. Level: 20 minutes
2-4 points: 30 minutes
5-6 points: 1 hour
7-8 points: 1 hour – 1 and half hours
9-12 points: 30 minutes per subject

More time than these instructions usually prove overwhelming and excessive for students.

Please do not forget about study time and comments. In my opinion there is no such thing: "Oh, I do not have a homework tonight, the teacher did not give up anything." Even if there is no task on the next day, the student should always revise his / her course list from that date or review the current chapter in the textbook. Time should be spent every night and review current content and review of the last content. True learning comes from students who hold knowledge in long-term memories rather than finishing them in their short memories to test. Through continuous review and recycling of the subject, the student will acquire actual education.

Finally, if a student is really struggling to finish his homework every night, it may be time to look for a private home teacher. A personal teacher can help students complete their homework, but they can do so much more than this. A private home teacher can help students gain confidence in school work with their content and improve their classroom. If a student is struggling early in the school year, the parent is waiting for a student break, the more difficult the student will be to succeed in the class.

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Tell me what you want to relieve this pain. I was open to closing with you …

Tell me what you want to relieve this pain
I was open to closing with you,
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But anyone who wants to live in the shadows does not wait for the sun … You know life is a fine matter
For any time, it can rip (anytime) & # 39;
My room, my bed still has a smell, I'm emptied … It emptied my heart and, without explanation, I cut myself from the inside.
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Excursions to Phillip Island

There is definitely no happier student than one on school trips. And when this tour is a tour of the Phillip Island, there is not one sad face among students.

What can you expect from a tour of Phillip Island?

Apart from great entertainment, you can expect one of the most beautiful scenery in nature. Accommodation on a Phillip Island school trip includes a quiet, spacious natural setting surrounded by bushhes and only a few miles from Cowes Township and centrally located in all the attractions Phillip Island has to offer. The accommodation has two bedrooms with air conditioning with private and unused campgrounds and caravans.

Besides fun and nature, students enjoy dramatic activities like an unimaginable maze that is truly confusing filled with twisted bends and confusing dead end with over two miles of pace that takes about 45 minutes to complete. There are many emergency exits for those frustrated explorers!

Maxigolf is another function that is set to artificial turf with changing terrain and saving. Golfers enjoy many different modes and great Australian grasses. It is a challenge for beginners and experienced golfers that is really fun.

The illusion rooms are probably one of the most fun activities of students and are many amazing rooms that confirm both vision and mind. Enter the rooms and watch when people fly, or watch water flow up the hill and homes that are flooded. There is also a shrink room and gravity room and room you can make yourself disappear!

Puzzle Island: Puzzle island is an interactive world of puzzles, illusions and challenges. There is a rotating room, a mirror maze, falling 6.5 meters that takes you downhill. Truly great adventure for students.

Other activities that students will enjoy during the Phillip Island tour are a playground and a barbecue. This is a wonderful area to spend the day barbequing while the kids play on the playground and explore the wild wonders. There are also small mazes built in the ground that require the mind and let the students laugh.

Student will love to eat in the conference room, which accommodates up to 80 people. There are a variety of light lunches, snacks, cold drinks and coffee. In the morning, lunch and dinner are served with a cake or scones with ham and cream. Freshly baked sandwiches and feasibility with hot bottles, nuggets and cats to suit all young appetites. The restaurants also have puzzles and brain teasers where adults and children can play.

There are also three great shops that the student will love! LollyLips that features some of the scrumptious candy imaginable. Café Chocolatte, which offers delicious chocolates, pastries, lunch and more. And a retail shop that has a wide range of puzzles, jigsaws and games.

A Phillips Island excursion is definitely an adventure for students of all ages.

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