10 Reasons you should send your children to an international school in Thailand

If you are looking for a new life for your family, though you are not sure where to start then this is the thing for you. One of the key factors in determining a new country to call a home is education. It's all good and good to choose a country for it's climate, cuisine and culture; although the education system is not strong enough to help and support you to develop your children intellectually, it's nothing.

Fortunately, we have put together 10 reasons for moving to Thailand and checking your kids into one of those amazing international schools is a viable option. These 10 reasons have nothing to do with the countries, stunning culture, great climate and wealth of other beautiful features and benefits that Thailand has to offer; These 10 reasons are purely and simply to do with the education system.

So what are these international schools worth?

1 – British Curriculum

Of course, not all international schools focus on British curriculum, anywhere in the US, Japanese, Australian and many others. But from a British point of view, I'm sure to send my kids to an international school by knowing that they get similar education to me. (19659002) 2 – English as the First Language

Especially if your children speak English, you can feel confident and know that you do not throw them into a deep end because they will fight to communicate and make friends. It is said that if English is not your first language then it is enough of student support to learn and communicate.

3. Some opportunities to learn other languages ​​

International schools also spend a lot of time and money in offering their students the opportunity to learn and develop other languages. With many different courses, your children are able to develop multilingual skills that can be very useful for their future work.

4 – Immerse Your Kids in Cultural

To me, this is what I consider to be one of the main advantages of sending your children to an international school. Not only from a theoretical point of view, but from a human point of view. Living and learning among many different cultures is a great way to encourage sympathy, fortune, and understanding of the world around them.

5 – Community Support for Students and Families

International schools tend to have a very strong and attentive support structure to help students and parents settle in their new life. With numerous events and meetings of the community, families are quick to feel comfortable and at home in their new environment.

6. Experienced and Varied Teaching Department

International Schools in Thailand are proud to hire only the best and experienced teachers from all over the world. This offers students a great opportunity to learn, but again to explore and understand different cultures.

7 – Modern and High Quality Educational Facilities

International Schools have different funding options and have access to some of the best quality teaching facilities and materials available. This gives your children a great opportunity when it comes to learning.

8. & # 39; Portable & # 39; Education

Another major benefit of teaching the British or US curriculum is its flexibility when it comes to moving. For example, if you stay in Thailand, it's only temporary for a few years; Your children will be able to return home and tear back to school without any matter whatsoever.

9 – Internally recognized

Having been educated in an international environment looks good on the CV when it comes to children's future initiative. Some employers can support foreign academic candidates as they tend to gain a better understanding of working with other nationalities or nationalities.

10 – Teachers are usually shown more respect

Teachers in Asia are shown much more respect than most teachers in Western cultures. I'm not saying this to be a fact, especially something I've seen through experience. This can benefit your children extraordinarily; learn and develop in an environment where teachers and students often have a much closer relationship based on mutual, incremental respect.


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