10 Reasons Why People Travel

When people decide to leave home comforts and go elsewhere, there is usually reason. Whatever the reason for traveling was in the last minute, unhappy or had a real purpose, it makes one thought for all the reasons why people travel. Think about the last time you left your location and look at another. Did it have any purpose behind it? Let's see and see if your urge to travel is equivalent to someone mentioned below. These are not listed in any specific rules.

1. Romance – There are thousands of people involved in long-distance relationships. At some point, they need to see each other. Because of love, people will travel for a while to spend as much time as they can with the love of their lives.

2. Relaxation – All work and no cards are not good. People need to get away from stress in everyday life and a good sunny location by the beach might just be what your doctor ordered.

3. Family / Friends – Many have family / friends who are located in different parts of the world. They need to visit with them, even if they are short-lived.

4. Religion – There are places in the world that hold religious importance for many. Religious journeys often relate to purposes such as seeing where the last pope was buried, or traveling to the farm where Jesus was born.

5. Death-relative, friend or acquaintenance has passed and travel needs to retrieve funerals located from town.

6. Honeymoon You are getting married and are going somewhere to celebrate. This usually happens just after the wedding, but there are many occasions where people are celebrating their honeymoon years later.

7. Education-You are getting education somewhere other than where you live or you are going away on high school.

8. Celebration – Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Birth – There is always something to celebrate and it does not always happen where you live.

9. Medical / Health – Sometimes the treatment you do not need is available in the city where you live. Often the best medical care is expensive and has to travel to get it.

10. Workplace requirements can mean fair travel. Even if the journey is within its own country, it still has a purpose.

Any journey can be a wonderful experience or it can be comprehensive, expensive and simply torture. Nevertheless, if you have to go, embrace it for what it is and try to get the best results, even if it is not intended.


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