10 Reasons Teenage Girls Should Not Get Pregnant

Teen is a hot topic. For some reason, especially in the United States, we do not like talking about sex or what might happen when you have it. For this reason, adolescents are misunderstood about sex and its consequences, such as unwanted pregnancy. Perhaps if the teenagers knew the facts, they would wait or at least get ripe to have sex. Teenagers who do not take proper precautions could become pregnant. Teenage boys who do not make sure they take precautions could get the girl pregnant. Use of condoms is not a complete way of preventing pregnancy; You need another contraception to use with it.

Your parents may deny you. Unfortunately, this happens, especially if parents are "great" religions. They are probably more disappointed in themselves than you. They will ask what they did wrong as parents. They will ask why you are pregnant and what they could do to prevent it from happening. Hopefully, parents will realize that content is happening and help you deal with pregnancy.

Your child may have birth defects. It is possible that your child may have birth defects due to your age. Because your body is not fully developed, it may play a role in whether your child has birth defects or not.

You may have complicated pregnancy because of a young age. Again, your body is not perfect or mature. This may cause complicated pregnancy that is not good for your health or your child.

Your body will go through changes you can not be prepared to deal with. You must not be prepared for any physical changes that occur during pregnancy. Actually, it might confuse you. You may not be ready to stretch, strong hormone or weight gain. It is important to eat a healthy diet that will provide you and your child with the right nutrients. Do not think about starving & # 39; yourself because you do not want to gain weight. This is not healthy for you or your child.

Your friends could leave you. Unfortunately, your friends can not hang out with you if you have a child. They will not be able to contact you. They want to go out on Friday and weekend and do what the teenagers do. They may even be guilty because they get to be "foot and imagine free" while increasing the warranty. They may not know what to say or how to work around you. If your friends go, it's important that you have support. Join a group for teen mom. This way, you will be surrounded by people who can handle you and your circumstances.

You may not finish a secondary school as scheduled. You must not finish high school at the right time, depending on when you will deliver your child. Whatever you do – graduate from high school. Maybe you can do a course in summer school or take a GED. Whatever you do, get your high school training!

Your boyfriend can not resist you. Believe it or not, your boyfriend could not stand you. He may last several months, but the situation could overestimate him. If this happens, it's important to tell the child that it's not their fault. Apply a loss to your boyfriend and continue with your life. This will not be easy at first but you will get through it.

You are not emotionally or financially prepared for children. How are your emotions developed? How big is the check and saving? Do you have checks and savings? Having a child is a major responsibility that you are probably not prepared for. Heck, most in the 20s, 30s and 40s are not willing to have children emotionally or financially. Having a baby is a great deal. Think about what you need: food, shelter, clothing, money, love and support. If you can not provide basics for yourself, how will you be able to provide the child?

Having a child so you can find love is not a reason to have a baby. Please do not have a baby because you want to feel loved – this is not good enough. Know that you are valuable and have something to offer to this world. Love yourself and love will find you!

It's painful. Have a child not turn on. Most women will release drugs because they want natural birth. However, they usually change the time when the pain enters. Think about this: it's like pushing a watermelon through a tiny hole. Ouch!

Obviously, the girl deals with pregnancy more than the guy. The body will change and it can be uncomfortable. Ask a woman about pregnancy and they will tell you that affects you! Some people try to avoid using drugs, but they usually have a medicine to die. Do you want to experience this at the age of 14, 15 or 16 years? If you think that menstrual periods can hurt, try to have a baby!


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