10 Qualities that you find in good students and good citizens

Over the years I have found 10 qualities for students who make them good students. To me, a good student is not always a student who gets AA Some students can get A without trying once and they want to take whatever way they need to get it A. Then they are students who work their little heart and get B or even sometimes C and they are much better students a student spoke about above. A student is someone who wants to learn and learn to do better.

Self-patience is very important. If not, some of the other features are found. Authentication means that they think about their words and actions and make the decisions that are right for themselves and for others. Those who have self-discipline agree that things do not always exist. In other words, this student will finish their work before they play.

Respect for others and assets will be provided by good students. They will treat others as they want treatment. Destroy or take someone's property and harm it would not be something they would do.

Perseverance is found by good students. They will work hard and not give up when it is difficult. They hold on to something until it's done. In other words, do not give up, they keep trying.

Citizenship is found by good students. They obey the rules and work to make the community (school) a better place.

Coincidence in present time with good students. They are good to others and help them instead of striking them orally and physically.

Honesty is found by good students. They make choices that help them to be the best they can be. They do what they think is right and work to do their best.

Responsibility is always provided by good students. They are reliable and make good decisions. They take care of things that belong to them and show greater responsibility when they take care of themselves and what they do.

Reliability is necessary. These students can count on doing the right, even if the adult is not there. They return loans and do what they say they will do.

Fairness is another feature of good students. They will exchange, share and listen to what others say. They only take their part and play with the rules.

Honesty is found by good students. They are true and sincere. They will do their own job and return loans. They are the ones who want to make sure their score is right, even if it means they get more wrong.

If you find these qualities in a student, you can be sure that they are happy to teach.


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