10 characters he likes

You meet this great guy and you've been dating each other for some time. Not in a private relationship, but you have been spending time together. Calls rented for more than an hour are flirty smiles replaced.

You feel good about him.

Now the question is about the million dollars you want to find out.

Is he like you? Is he in you or not?

How to know the answer? What's the Icon That He Is

Well, besides using the intuition of the woman who is not something I can not describe or teach, I will do my best to "simplify" this complex role, call "love".

10 Characters He Loves You

1. Watch The Same Movie Twice

He saw the movie. Although he was not very fond of it, but because you did not get it, he suddenly changed and he would really look at it again.

And thus, if you have not seen it too, why not let it compile, he asked.

You know that his intention is not in the picture, but the company actually.

So girls do not let go of their real intentions. It's enough to know the underlying truth, be grateful, right?

2. His car is playing songs that just sound too, familiar?

Because it's your favorite! You've only told him once, and the next time he drives you, you're in a musical game.

Does he always pay attention to the needs of each individual? Well, you follow how he interacts with others and you tell me.

3. He asks for this question!

Well, he will try to be as casual and absent as possible. But no matter how cool he works, deep inside he burns and dies to know the answer to this question:

"So are you single?"

If your answer is yes, then it will be next:

"No way. How can someone like you be alone?"

Now look closely at his physical issue. Now, and completely relieve when the answer is " No, you get the message.

4. He requests follow-up before the date is over

Now if he is not interested in you, why would you be so worried about "book" time your other day with him even when the day is just a half-way?

Without you looks like Jessica Alba, or you can give him a million dollar job like Donald Trump. If you do not have one or two or belong to another class, this can be an indication of his heart …

5. Your name is not his foreign friend

If you have the opportunity to meet with their friends, you know you can create sl Maybe you can have good juicy bits about them.

But this can not be very foolish, not all of these signs, but if his friends raise eyebrows or suspect sheep when he introduces you, that means words have been around There is someone in particular who might very well be you.

6. He Can not Remove Your Eyes

Okay, we know it's not a kind of stare-through-your-father type, but just a slightly more loving spot that speaks of admiration and likes.

If your eyes could speak, they could just chat this question to their owner. "You are the most beautiful woman I've seen. Do you want to be more than friends?"

The best test? When explosive or great gorgeous babe sashays past, you need to let him know before he notices her. (Of course, it's actually moving a little far ha ha …. what does it take to stop the man around? I can not find the answer yet)

7. He inspires you [19659002] At any time he will find an opportunity to ask what kind of boy you are drawn to and are looking for in a mate.

Is not he doing what I do (who puts me in a very privileged position to ask ha ha), what is it for him to know what kind of person you want if not for the fact that he is secretly plotted his way to become the most workable candidate?

Do not be surprised if he starts to put it down or abuse it by saying things about him that do not fit into the list you described. He is testing water to see what your reaction will be, which will give him clues about how you feel for him.

For example, you've signed up to "have good humor and make you laugh" as one of the exercises you will be attracted to and say, "Oh, I'm a boring boy really. Laugh. I have to be boring you then "make sure you answer him.

If you say "Ya, I do not think you are a good humorous man but" opposed "Oh, is it so? But I never feel boring. He'll either be secretly crying in sorrow or jumping in joy [19659002] By saying something, he's kind of "forcing" you to answer and whether you have to give clues how you feel. So girls, if you want this boy too, do you know what a good answer You should give, right?

8. He's doing you favors

Yes, it does not matter if you have a car. He will also volunteer to follow you all to come to accommodate the sudden desire you have to get groceries sold there.

He will help you with your work at school, expressing his interest in lending your hand for the stuff you need to run, buy something for fa your family etc.

If you do not want to develop something rather than friendship with you, unless he is also bored with his life or Super Ultra Nice, I wonder what can be where you needs his help.

9. He is very worried about celebrating special occasions.

Like Valentine's Day (if he asks you out that day, I would really suspect his intention, right?) And your birthday.

He wanted to celebrate this special day with you and preferably one.

10. He buys gifts

Sending gifts without any means and without any reason is the easiest way for a person to express his interest in a girl without talking. By giving you something, he tests to see how you respond. Normally he will do this when he is still not sure how you feel about him, so at least he will not feel rejected if you reject his gift.

At the same time he is hired to make you happy with that gift. And if you're happy, he'll be too!

A summary of the above, they may not be 100% fools scientifically demonstrated to appear in you. They came from pure experience and observation. I deliberately do not do things like body affairs, as he will see how he looks before he meets you, pointing his leg and turning his body to you, etc. because I just want to make it as scientifically as possible.

So ladies, hope this gives you clues as to how this man, who appears in front of you, shows you quite often. Does he have only platonic friendship in mind, or something more?


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